Eating/Swallowing Difficulty


Are you having trouble eating, chewing, swallowing?
Do you cough or choke when you eat?
Do you choke on your own saliva or secretions?
Is your child a fussy eater?

The Center for Speech and Language, T.C., LLC treats  disorders of swallow using both traditional dysphagia methods and Neuromuscular Electric Stimulation.

One million people in the USA receive a diagnosis of Dysphagia each year.
1 in 17 people will develop some form of dysphagia in their lifetime.

According to VA report aspiration pneumonia is one to the leading causes of death among the elderly.

Pneumonia, a large percentage of which arises from dysphagia, is the fifth leading cause of death in Americans over 65 and the third leading cause of death in those over 85.

Dysphagia affects all ages and can occur when the tongue, cheeks etc, cannot move the food around in the mouth and prepare it for swallow or before, during or after the swallow actually occurs.

Our staff is trained in the treatment of swallowing disorders and dedicated to the return of a functional swallow using a combination of traditional dysphagia therapy and neuromuscular electrical stimulation to ensure the best outcome for our patients.